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                                                                                Designed and developed by : Harish S, JTO CDMA ,CDMA Nodal Center, NTB , Bangalore










Table of Contents




Introduction. 1

Registration. 3

Status of Prepaid Number 7

Recharge Records. 11

Activate Deactivate SMS Reminder 13

Select type of SMS Reminder 14

Recharge Through Paper Voucher 16

Special Tariff From Existing balance. 17

Amount to Validity and Validity to Amount conversion. 18

Plan Change. 21

Report Loss or Back a lost number 23

Data Voice and SMS Call Detailed Record. 25

Settings. 28




Introduction to CDMA Prepaid customer self support portal.





his portal is developed for BSNL CDMA prepaid customers for making there prepaid operations through web based. Since internet penetration is going in depth to all parts of the country, and computer knowledge to average population has increased drastically. There by a web based self support system will be a very good support to our valuable customers.

Web address http://www.genext.bsnl.co.in/cdmaprepaid


Following are the web based support provided for customers

1.      Status of Prepaid number and recharge vouchers applicable

2.      Recharge Statistics of a number

3.      Activate Deactivate SMS reminders.

4.      Select type of SMS reminders required.

5.      Recharge number from web for purchased paper voucher.

6.      Amount to Validity conversion

7.      Validity to Amount conversion

8.      Special Tariff from existing balance.

9.      Plan conversion

10.  Block Lost number

11.  Unblock the retraced number

12.  Data usage

13.  Voice and SMS usage










O start using the portal, you should get a username and password. For this first the user has to register with the web page. The registration process is as follows

First open the web portal , you will get a welcome page with registration option as below

Click register to get the username and password. Once register is clicked you will get another page with the registration form. Fill up the registration form properly with the correct data. There is only minimum requred data to be entered in the registration process to make the service easy.

While entering the data you have to give a valid Email ID, as registration process will be completed only after varification of the Email ID.

Once the username and password is accepted use the user name and password to login to the system.

First time when login Email varification will be asked . Kindly check your Email and get the varification code

Copy the varification code and click menu “Validate Email ID”  and enter the validation code.

Once the Email varification is completed the user will be valid.

Next step is to attach the number with registered account, for this first logout and relogin. Now an additional menu will come “Register number”. Now you have to register the number using this menu.

Enter the 10 digit number stdcode+number or mobile number. Std code should not start with ‘0’.

While a prepaid number is created and SMS is send to you informing you your PIN number. Get that PIN number and click add to register the number. Suppose the PIN number is not available click “Send PIN SMS” after entering the number. You will recive a number will will be treated as your PIN. Enter the SMSed PIN and Click ADD to add the number.

By any chance if SMS is not receved then go to the nearest customer service center and give letter for changing the PIN and get the correct PIN.then enter the right PIN and register.

Once the number is registered your account is ready to use.

You can enter the Alternate SMS mobile number to semd furter SMS to this number using the option “change SMS mobile”


















Status of Prepaid Number



he status of a number can be checked from the menu “Status of number” when this is selected a new page appears with a pull down menu with the numbers registered. Select the number for which status is to be known and click “Get Status”. Following will be the status which will appear.

There are four different types of status losted as in above figure

1.      Basic Account Status

2.      Dedicated Account Status

3.      Package Status

4.      SMS Notification Status

5.      Recharge or Top up vouchers applicable to the number.


Basic Account Status

Basic account status gives the status of Main Account. Following are the status available.

1.      Status

This gives the status of number. Different status is as follows

·         Unused- The number after creation has not made even a single call. The Validity of the number starts from the date when first call is made. When first call is made the status will turn to Active.

·         Active- The number is active and can be used.

·         GP1 –Grace Period 1 –The number will come to this status when customer has not recharged with validty amount with before the current validity expires.The balace of the customer will be maintained at this stage and outgoing calls will not be allowed. Recharge is allowed in this state

·         GP2 – Grace Period 2- The number will come to this status when customer has not recharged with validty amount with before the end of GP1.The balace of the customer will be truncated to zero and outgoing  and incomming calls will not be allowed. Rcharge is allowed in this state

·         Frozen- In this state the number has got deactivated. Cutomer shoud contact nearest customer service center to activate the number. Rechage is not allowed in this state.

·         Missing Claim- The customer has made his number under missing clame status.

2.      Circle- This gives the telecom circle to which number belongs to.

3.      Balance- This gives the current balance of the number

4.      Validity- This gives the validity of number. After this period the number will go to GP1

5.      Locked- This gives the locked status of number.

6.      Plan – This gives the current plan of the number

7.      Blacklist – Shows whether the nuber is blacklisted or not

8.      STV – This gives whether the number has any special tariffs.

9.      STV Exp Date- This gives the expiry of STV

10.  Remarks -  Any additional Remarks


Dedicated Account Status

Dedicated account is the secondory accounts available for the customer. This may be like free calls, SMS or Data usage given for rcharges or any type of plan.

Top of the table the Account name will be available

Following are the status of Dedicated account available.

1.      Status :- This gives the current status of the account

2.      Available:- This gives the free usage available in Pisa or MB.

3.      Used :- This gives the details of how much of free usage is used in Pisa or MB.

4.      End Date:- The last date for which this Account is valid


Package Status

Package status is the details of any packages available for this account for wich rent maybe detucted.

Following are the status of Packages.

1.      Status :- Gives the status of number

2.      Last Rent Date :- Date on which last rent was deducted

3.      Next Rent Date :- Date on which next rent will be deducted

4.      Rent amount :- Amount of rent

5.      Rent Days :- Give Rent cycle days

6.      Last Rent stats :- Status of last rent deduction.


SMS Notification Status


This gives the status of SMS notifications. First line shows whether service is active. Next line onwords it shows what are the notification available for this number.




Recharge Records



recharge particulars’ of a number can be obtained though this operation. Click the “recharge records menu and select the number, select from date and to date (IMP : From date and to date should be of same month). Now click “Recharge Details” for getting the recharge particulars’.

Following perticulars are available


·         Recharge Date

·         Recharge amount

·         Next Recharge date

·         Old Balance

·         New balance

·         Success or failure

With this customers will be able to know the recharge details of hs number.



















Activate Deactivate SMS Reminder



ctivate and deactivating of SMS notice reminders send on different occasion like last call charges, balance, reminder for recharge can be done through this page.






Select type of SMS Reminder



ifferent types of SMS notifications are available in the system. The required type of SMS notification only can be activated with the help of this page


Following are the type of SMS notifications available

1.       Notify After Internet  

2.       Notify 2 days before frozen

3.       Notify 2 days before GP2       

4.       Notify 2 days before GP1

5.       One Minute Left Notify [Called]        

6.       One Minute Left Notify [Calling]

7.       Balance Notify After Call [Called]      

8.       Call Duration Notify After Call [Called]

9.       Call Duration Notify After Call [Calling]        

10.    Call Cost Notify After Call [Called]

11.    Call Cost Notify After Call [Calling]   

12.    Two Minutes Left Notify [Called]

13.    Two Minutes Left Notify [Calling]     

14.    Balance Notify after MO SMS

15.    Cost Notify after MO SMS     

16.    Unsuccessful Call Notify

17.    Balance Notify After Call [Calling]     

18.    Max Call Time Notify

19.    Balance Notify Before Call









Recharge Through Paper Voucher



F a customer has purchased a paper voucher and not able to recharge due to some technical problems or EVDO or NIC cards where dialer is not available then he can use this method of recharge.

Select “Recharge through Voucher card” Menu and select the number to be recharged. Enter the rccharge PIN as in the paper voucher card (scrached number) and click recharge ro get rechage the voucher card.



Special Tariff From Existing balance



F a customer wants to have a special tariff without going for an additional voucher purchase he can activate it with this menu. The required amount will be deducted from the existing balance.

Select “Special tariff “ menu and then select the number and required STV.name of the STV and amount of STV which will be deducted will appear in the menu. For tariff detais of each STV you can visit www.bsnl.co.in.




Amount to Validity and Validity to Amount conversion



F a customer has validity and it needs to be converted to amount or vice versa he can do this by the following methord.


Amount to Validity convertion

Select Amount to Validity menu and select the number for which conversion is to be done and click Next.


Now the allowable values for amount to validity convertion for this number will come. Select the required convertion value and click “Convert”.












Validity to ammount convertion

Select Validity to amount menu and select the number for which conversion is to be done and click Next.


Now the allowable values for validity to amount convertion for this number will come. Select the required convertion value and click “Convert”.






Plan Change



lan change can be done through the web portal. Plan changes are allowed to the plan which are allowed by BSNL as per the instructions.

Select “Plan Change” menu and select the required number an click “Next”


Now the list of numbers to which this number can be changed to will be listed as below.

There is also option to change the plan immediately or on a sheduled date or if Packages are available then on the end of the current package cycle. Now click “Change” to change the plan.











Report Loss or Back a lost number



F the number is lost by the customer it can be blocked online. Similarly it can be unblocked also.

Select “Report Loss” menu and select number to be blocked.

Enter the login password for the number and click “Report loss” for reporting the number as lost.

Similarly for unblocking select “Report back” menu

Select the number and enter the login password and click “Report Back”











Data Voice and SMS Call Detailed Record



all detailed record of the registered number can be checked by the webpage . The detail records contain the details of both incoming and outgoing calls.

Data CDR

To get the Call detailed record select “Data Usage” and selcr the number

Select the moth for which the CDR is required. The CDR details will be available for one year only.

Following Details are available in CDR.

Start Time

End Time

Time used

Data used (KB)

Free usage(KB)

Charged Amount(Rs)

For voice and SMS similar to Data select “Voice Usage” Menu.

Following details are available in voice CDR

Calling Number

Called Number

Receive time

Duration of call

Chargeable amount

Amount charged from Main Account

Amount charged from Dedicated Account.




























ifferent types of settings for setting up of SMS Email and other features are available in this chapter.All the settings are self explanatory as shown below


SMS and Mail Settings

Changing Email ID

PIN Validation

If the PIN number of the number is chaged it should be authenticated bdfore doing further operation. Dropdown I the below will contain the number for which PIN varifiction filed during login



ADD Mobile number for sending SMS for varius operations


Change Login Password